China 2006!

Paul heading to the Great Wall, the lazy way!

Paul and Barbara on the Great Wall!!!

How long did that take to build? Ages man!

Babs in Tiananmen square.

Paul and Barbara heading into the forbidden city!

Yeah lets go this way! ;-D

The happy couple!

Group photo.

A boat made of stone? Are you mad?

Having a beer on the overnight train to Xian!

The Terracotta Army! Now that a lot of pottery!

More pottery ;-D

The smiles are fake!

Bang to the beat of the drum!

I will NEVER go on a tandem bike ever again! LoL

A cool show. Went to the bogs half way through and caused a near riot...

Babs and Paul outside the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda!

Twins! ;-D

Babs admiring the Three Gorges Dam!

Paul inside the Three Gorges Dam!

A stunningly beautiful river, we seen water buffalo as well!

Babs before she became very ill... Oh dear!

We watched these cormorant's swim under water and catch fish! Has to be seen to be believed!!!

Cruising down a river with no care in the world! Sweet!

I was shattered when I got the the top of this hill. Worth it? Yeah! :-D

Our day out biking ended in a down pour! I won the race back! Hee hee hee