Day 1 - Let the battle commence errr sorry holiday!! ;-) This is a view from the Al-Hambra in the city of Granada.

Babs half asleep, zzzzzzz

The Blues Brothers look. Cool!




    That's a lot of artex!
Now that's a garden, pity it was 200 degrees at the time... Sweet! Me on a bridge with a Godzilla t-shirt. Now that's something you don't here down the pub everyday!!

Is that double glazing? I shouted! Spainsh is shouted in retort...

New trend?

  There was 1 million people standing to the left and right of this photo. Really!  
Just before I stripped off and went for a swim... Strange things lurk in these waters. Trust me... This bus was going so fast down this hill. This picture does it no justice!
Almost finished. This is a Gaudi and a Barbara. Hello mum. Gaudi. No, me neither...

This park was houching!!!

Asked down at Untouchables for the same tiles. None in stock. Pity. Now that's  a chimney!  

Ahhh this is the life...

Hitman and her.

    This Gaudi character sure has a thing about chimney's. Think he must have watched Mary Poppins one too many times me thinks...