Note the tidy hair. It won't last long...

The sun has got his hat on! hip hip hip hurray!!



Really would like a house here some day...

Opps! Barbara caught shouting f**k off with that f**ckin camera you pw**ck!!!

The hair...


The smile says it all ;-)

Babs is only 5 feet tall by the way!

I will get you people to talk to my people and we shall do lunch, as was the case err!!



Not happy :-(

Proudly acknowledging my superior brain power and sense of direction :-))


A jogger.

Who are you??

First try. A bit daft.


More natural, don't you think?

Without the flash

With the flash on!! Moral of the story. There is none..



The happy couple :-)

Let go home now, me thinks...


If you look closely you can spot someone in Babs sunglasses, but who can it be??